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    <br>In purchase to ensure that this project had been a success, it had been imperative for Pauktuutit to utilize partners who demonstrated a knowledge of Inuit lifestyle and the socio-financial realities of the North. We also wished to ensure we caused partners who had encounter working with Inuit communities, actors, and organizations, possessed effective communication skills and methodology, and had the proven knowledge to create relevant work culturally. The workshops centered on the creation of an ongoing business plan, money, and financial management, resource mapping, product sales, and marketing. More particularly, Origin Leadership Consulting Inc. was responsible for revising and updating company development workshops, which will be sent to communities across Inuit Nunangat in the future in addition to being made available online. We had the pleasure of working with Origin Leadership Consulting Inc. to develop a number of business growth workshops aimed at improving the socio-financial capacity of Inuit women across the country.<br>

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