Other ways to say Awesome

Amazing Astonishing Astounding Breathtaking cool Dazzling Delightful Epic Exceptional Exciting Fabulous Fantastic Flawless Grand Great Groovy Heart-stopping Heavenly Incredible Lovely Magnificient Majestic Marvelous Sensational Spectacular Superb Wonderful Terrific Wow

Other ways to say I love you

I want you You’re my sunshine I dream of you I’m mad about you You’re priceless You are my treasure I live for our love You are the light of my life You are my world We complete each other I need you by my side I want a lifetime with you I care for … Read more

Other ways to say I miss you

I can’t stop thinking about you When will I see you again? I wish you were here Your picture makes me smile I’m counting down the days I miss you so much it hurts I need you now You’ve been on my mind I’m so unhappy without you My life is meaningless without you

Other ways to say Thank you

Thanks Cheers You are great You are the best That’s so kind of you. many thanks Please accept my best thanks Word’s can’t describe how thankful I am I appreciate it more then you will ever know I’m in your debt Thanks a million All my love and thanks to you You’ve made my day