Top 5 Phrasal Verbs using Look.

1 – Look for.Meaning: Dhoondna ya khojna.Sentence:  I am looking for the key of my car. 2 – Look up to.Meaning: Kisi ki izzat karna.Sentence: I look up to all those who help others. 3 – Look at.Meaning: Dekhna.Sentence: Look at the blackboard. 4 – Look out.Meaning: Talaash me rehna.Sentence: I am on the look out for a good job. 5 – Look through.Meaning: Dhyaan se samajhna.Sentence: I have looked through all the files.

Top 5 Phrasal Verbs using GO.

1 – Go away.Meaning: Chale jaana.Sentence: Go away from here and leave me alone. 2 – Go against.Meaning: Khilaf jaana.Sentence: You are going against the laws of the nature. 3 – Go ahead.Meaning: aage bhadna.Sentence: Go ahead and get over your negative thinking. 4 – Go on.Meaning: jaari rakhna.Sentence: Go on with your story. 5 – Go throughMeaning: kisi cheez se guzarna ya samna karna.Sentence: He was … Read more

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