Use of There is or There are

Use of there is and there are

In this concept, we’re going to look at a very basic lesson “There is” or “There are”.The word there not actually the subject of the sentence this is called a preparatory subject.This means that it’s taking the place of the subject. So when you use there is or there? We use” there is or there … Read more

Other ways of Saying I Love You

Other ways of saying I Love You

“Other ways of Saying I Love You” Sometimes, saying “I Love You” might not be enough to communicate the depth and extent of your feelings to your loved one and it might be necessary to look for better, and more captivating ways of saying the same phrase. “What is Love?’ According to my thoughts, “Love … Read more

I understand English But can’t speak well, Why?

I understand English But can't speak well, Why?

I understand English But can’t speak it, Is it really a big problem? No, Everyone’s dream is to speak fluent English, But what should we do to become fluent English speakers? See, when we have to learn something. We should have patience in that situation.  “Because we are not magicians, and learning to speak English … Read more

10 reasons why you should learn English

10 reasons you should learn english

We all know learning English is important. But, have you ever thought about why it is so? If you are working hard to speak or write in English, it makes sense to ask the above question. English is the most important language these days, and learning it can benefit you in many ways. so, learn … Read more

How to stay Constantly Motivated

How to stay constantly Motivated

How much would you like to accomplish your objectives? What amount would you say you will ignore in the present moment to pick up in the long haul? Moreover, in any event, when times appear to be depressing, and everything expectations may be lost? Is it true that you will surrender everything just so you can … Read more

How to learn English by yourself

How to learn English by yourself

Learning English doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can easily learn English at home by yourself. If someone tells you that learning English is tough, don’t believe them. Yes, learning English can be tough for some people because they don’t follow the right way. Can you learn English without going to classes? No … Read more

How to learn English through News

How to Learn English Through News

Many people find it difficult to speak and write in English in their daily lives. That’s because they have no practice. The best way to practice spoken and written English is by watching and reading the news every day. Moreover, you can choose which type of information will be good for you. In this article, we … Read more