Tense With Examples In Grammar

Tense with Examples In Grammar

Today we’re going to look at all the Tense with examples and learn how to use all tense with examples in English Grammar. Tenses are too important for English learners. and In this exciting article, we study all the tense with examples.So, At the end of this article, there will be a link to Quizzes … Read more

Using ‘Would’ – Complete Grammar Rules

Using 'Would' - Complete Grammar Rules

Today we’re going to look at Using ‘Would’ – Complete Grammar Rules step by step. It is an exciting word; there isn’t one specific definition. It would help if you learned: When to use ‘would’ ,’ How to use ‘would’ and in which situations. Many people confuse, and many assume that ‘Would’ is always used in … Read more

Can Could Be able to In English Grammar

How to Use Can, Could, Be able to In English Grammar

Today we’re going to talk about modals of ability Can, Could, and Be able to. In the first place, we need to see the difference can and be able to. Both are the same in terms of meaning; both used to talk about abilities in the present. Or things you can do in the present. For example, I can play the guitar … Read more

Interjection With Example In Grammar

Interjection With Example In Grammar

Let’s see Interjection with example.Ouch! Aww! Ah! Shhh Interjections? As you can see today, we’re going to learn about Interjection with example in English Grammar. Wow! so exciting, right? We’re going to look at how we can use them in sentences or phrases. An Interjection is a word. Sometime’s it’s a group of words. So it’s not just one … Read more

Conjunctions – Complete Grammar Guide

Conjunctions - Complete Grammar Rules

Today’s concept is going to be on Conjunctions. So, in this lesson, we are going to study conjunctions. And now for us to understand.What are conjunctions actually, and why are they important to study. What are conjunctions? Conjunctions are words that join or link other words, clauses, phrases, or sentences. But, and, or, nor, yet, … Read more

The preposition In English Grammar

The preposition In English Grammar

Today we are going to learn one of the most important parts of speech preposition. We can split the term preposition into pre and position, the term preposition (“pre means before“) and (“position means place“) that means “place BEFORE“. A Preposition mostly comes BEFORE another word. Prepositions are usually short words like on, in, at, for, by, etc. What is Preposition … Read more

Use of Since and For with Examples

Use of Since and For with Examples

In this concept, I will go through the difference between these two words Since and For. Since since refers to a specific point in time or beginning of an event.For example, if it started raining at 9 o’clock and the time now is 10 o’clock then I can say that it has been raining since … Read more