Sentences 161 to 170

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Mai tumhare dil me rehna chahta hu.
I want to dwell in your heart.

Mai tumhe milne ko bekarar tha, hu aur hamesha rahunga.
I was desperate to meet you, it still is and will always be so.

Jo tumne suna, bilkul sahi suna.
What you heard, you heard perfectly right.

Woh aisa waisa ladka nahi hai.
He’s not that sort of boy.

Ham mile bhi nahi, aur alag bhi ho gaye.
We did not even meet and we got separated.

Yeh baate sun kar sharm se meri aankhe jhuk gayi.
After listening to these things, my eyes blushed away.

Buri nazar na lage.
May the devil eyes not be casted.

Ham tab bhi waha se bhaag gaye the.
Even then, we had managed to flee.

Bimaar padne ki wajah se meri job chali gayi thi.
I had lost my job because of falling ill.

Woh to kab ka waha pahoch gaya tha.
He had reached there long back.

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