Sentences 311 to 320

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Tum mere ho, bas mere ho, mere hi ho.
You are mine, just mine, mine only.

Tum hamesha yahi kehte ho.
This is what you always say.

Tum par wishvaas kar ke maine bahot badi galti ki.
By believing on you, I made a big mistake.

Sahibaan kadardaan meherbaan dil thaam ke baithiye.
Respectable, Connoisseur and kind hearted sit with a bated breath.

Takalluf na kre.
Don’t be formal.

Kisi ki chugli mat karo.
Don’t backbite anyone.

Mujhe yeh bahot pehle hi karna chahiye tha.
I should have done this long ago.

Yeh hamesha mere saath hi kyu hota hai.
Why does it always happen to me.

Apne se bado se salah lo.
Get mature advice.

Kya tum mera saath doge?
Would you stand by me?

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