Sentences 441 to 450

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Aapki awaz kat rhi hai.
your voice is breaking up.

Man to kiya usey thappad maarun.
I felt like slapping him.

Mera tumhe dukh pahunchaane ka koi iraada nhi tha.
I didn’t mean to hurt you.

Aapne mere man ki baat keh di.
You spoke out my mind.

Uske chakkar me mat pado.
Don’t rely on him.

Zuban phisal gayi.
It was a slip of tongue.

Aap mere gawah ho.
You are my witness.

Aisa ghar hona mera sapna tha.
To have such a house was my dream.

Kaise aana hua?
What brings you here?

Yahi kitaab to mai chahta hu.
This is the very book I want.

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