Sentences 531 to 540

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Woh choti soch wala hai.
He is narrow minded.

Mere raaste me mat aao.
Don’t get in my way.

Tumne sab gadbad kr di.
You screw everything up.

Mai tumhe mana lunga.
I will persuade you.

Jo kuch mujhse ban saka maine kiya.
I did whatever I could.

Ham aapke hai kaun?
Who am I to you?

Jaha tum waha mai.
Wherever you are, I am there.

Mai tumhari pol khol dunga.
I will reveal your secret.

Yeh meri sharafat hai..
it is my decency.

Apne haath tauliya se poch lo.
Wipe your hand with a towel.

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