Short Sentences 241 to 250

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Tumhare dil me kya hai?
What is there in your heart.

Na maine khaya, na piya.
Neither I ate nor drank.

Kya mujhe jana chahiye?
Shall I go?

Na khud karte ho, na karne dete ho.
Neither you do yourself , nor let do.

Aesi kahaniya bahot boring hoti hai.
Such stories are extremely boring.

Yeh paap hai.
It’s a sin.

Baalo me tail laga lo.
Apply oil on your hair.

Kisi ka dil mat dukhao.
Don’t hurt anyone.

Kya tum mere saath chaloge.
Would you go with me?

Yaha paani ki kami hai.
There is scarcity of water.

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