Learn Spoken English – Chapter 3 | Subject, Object and Verb

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After learning about Nouns and pronouns, the basics of grammar in the previous chapter, we are going to learn about Subject, Object, and Verb which help in making English sentences.

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What is Subject?

Subject denotes the person or the thing or the place spoken of in a sentence.

Ex:  The children play cricket. / Tamil Nadu is a beautiful place. / The trees grow in the forest well.

What is Object?

Object is the answer to the question what is addressed to the verb.

Ex: I play cricket every day. (Played what? Cricket). / He studied English well. (studied what? English)

So, objects in both sentences are Cricket and English which is giving answer to the question.

What is Verb?

Verb denotes an action done by the subject. 

Ex: I play cricket every day. / He studied English well. / She wrote the answer correctly.

before proceeding further you should understand the structure of sentences in English as it will help in framing the English sentences correctly.

The Structure of Sentences in English

Vernacular Sentence formula:   Subject + object + verb Example: I cricket play.

English Sentence formula:           Subject + verb + object.                Example: I play cricket.

Exercise Time:

Identify the Subject, the  Verb and Object in the given below sentences:

  1. She sang a song this morning. Ans:  Subject: She/ Verb: sang / Object: a song
  2. The students threw stones at the bus. They killed the snake with a stick.
  3. My father bought a new shirt yesterday. Made a beautiful flower.
  4. His brother brought a car last year. The children completed their examinations last week.
  5. Monkeys climb the trees faster. Her mother gave medicine for fever.
  6. The Education minister promised free education to allthe students.

In the upcoming chapter, we will be learning about all the forms of verbs. Do leave comment for any query or suggestion.

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