Sentences 131 to 140

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Mai puri raat jag kar padhai karti hu.
I stay up all night studying.

Mujhe shuru se hi pata tha.
I knew from the very beginning.

Dekh! mere se teen-paanch mat kar.
Look! don’t quarrel with me.

Woh muskurate hue andar aaya.
He came in with a smile on his face.

Tum apni bhool par pachtaoge.
You will regret for your mistakes.

Mai Apka jitna shukriya adaa karu utna kam hai.
I can’t thank you enough.

Mai saari raat so nahi saka.
I couldn’t sleep all night.

Muhje tum par ratti bhar bharosa nahi hai.
I don’t trust you one bit.

Itni zyada ki mai tumhe bata nahi sakti.
So much that I can’t even explain.

Agar thake ho to tek laga kar baith jaao.
If you are tired, sit against the wall.

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