Sentences 41 to 50

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Us din poore desh me chutti thi.
It was holiday that day in the whole country.

Aaj ole pad sakte the par nahi pade.
It may have hailed today but didn’t.

Mai bheed ke beech tha.
I was amongst the crowd.

Woh do din ke andar aa raha hai.
He is coming within two days.

Hamne raat bhar kaam kiya.
We worked throughout the night.

Usne patthar upar ki taraf phenka.
He threw the stone upwards.

Kya ham dhongi hai?
Are we hypocrite?

Kal raat boonda baandi hui.
It drizzled last night.

Yeh gairkanooni kaam hai.
This is an illegal act.

Aap mere gawah hai.
You are my witness.

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