Sentences 391 to 400

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Koi natak nahi chalega.
No lame Excuses, please.

Apni aankhe nichi karo.
Just look down.

Har roz marne se achcha hai ek baar mar jaaon.
It’s better to die once in spite of dying daily.

Tum kab nikloge office se.
When will you leave the office.

Yeh awaz kaisy.
What’s all that noise.

Phook maar ke thanda kar le.
Let’s blow on it.

Baby, tum kaha par ho?
Baby, where are you?

Weh bhi galat hai aur mai bhi.
He is wrong as well as I.

Yeh sadak jaati hai.
This is the road to go by.

Hame ab sona chahiye.
I think we should go to sleep now.

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