Sentences 51 to 60

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Kya ye phool murjhate nahi?
Do these flowers not fade?

Mai bahot aabhari hu.
I am highly obliged.

Wo sapno ko sakaar karega.
He will materialize his dreams.

Zyada gussa sehat ke liye achcha nahi hota.
Excessive anger is not good for health.

Tum aaj ukhde ukhde se lag rahe ho.
You are looking sullen today.

Jo ho gaya so ho gaya.
Let bygones be bygones.

Saari musibato ki jad tum ho.
You are the root cause of all the troubles.

Maaf kijiye, mujhe naam yaad nahi rehte.
Sorry, I am terrible with names.

Mujhe in chakkaro me nahi padna hai.
I don’t have to indulge in these affairs.

Mai abhi bhi hamesha use milne ko tarasta hu.
Still I long to meet her daily.

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