How to learn English by yourself

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Learning English doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can easily learn English at home by yourself. If someone tells you that learning English is tough, don’t believe them. Yes, learning English can be tough for some people because they don’t follow the right way.

Can you learn English without going to classes?

No need to spend your time and money on worthless classes. So, follow the tips below to learn English at home without any teacher.

1. Learn phrases instead of words

If you want to speak and write naturally, you need to learn phrases. Phrases will make you sound less formal so that you can converse every day in English. Moreover, you will also learn how native English people speak. 

2. Start with the words you know and then find their synonyms.

It is a great way to improve your vocabulary. Begin with learning about the words you hear often. After that, you can use a dictionary to find their synonyms. In this way, you will learn to use difficult words without hesitating. 

3. Read more books.

These can be any books. You don’t always have to buy lesson books. In fact, you can buy books that interest you like fiction or cookery books. Read them every day until you fully understand what the authors are trying to say. Use a dictionary to find the meaning of words.

4. Focus more on fluency than grammar

When you are learning to speak, try not to pause frequently. That’s because you lose confidence when you pause. In the beginning, you should focus on speaking without stammering. Slowly, you will learn to speak correctly too.

5. Watch English news every day

English news is the best way to learn the language. In fact, live discussions use simple English that you can use in your conversations. Slowly, you will begin to understand that even if the speaker is fast.

6. Watch English movies

Pick up your favourite English movie and watch it carefully. If you find it hard to understand, then turn on the subtitles. That way, you will learn a lot of English while also having a great time.

7. Talk to yourself in front of a mirror

Stand in front of a mirror and practice talking to yourself. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get it right in the first try. Keep practicing to gradually speak fluently.

8. Listen and speak aloud in English.

When you watch something or listen to English news, speak it out aloud. Further, it will boost your confidence, and you will learn how to pronounce the words correctly. Also, pay attention to words that need more stress while speaking. 

9. Talk with your friends in English

If you have friends who want to learn English as you do, help each other. Talk every day in English to gain confidence. As you all are in the same position, you will be more comfortable. Share useful information and ask clear your doubts.

10. Watch free lessons and videos on YouTube

YouTube is the best platform for someone who wants to learn English. There are countless videos that will teach you pronunciation, phrases, idioms, and grammar. You can even listen to English songs with subtitles and sing along. 

In conclusion, you can easily learn English without going to classes. Have faith in yourself and practice every day to learn English in a short time.

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