I understand English But I can’t speak well, Why?

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Everyone’s dream is to speak fluent English, But what should we do to become fluent English speakers? See, when we have to learn something. We should have patience in that situation. 

“Because we are not magicians, and learning to speak English is not magic.”

You must have heard, “Great things take time.”

So, if you want to be a fluent English speaker, we have to give our more efforts & time to speak.

For example, ” I understand English, but I can’t speak well, why? ( so, it means we can understand English but can’t speak well) so, it is clear to us at this point that we spent more time understanding English than speaking.

 Always keep one thing in your mind; if we give more of our time and efforts to anything, then we become genius in it.

In the same way, if we spend more time speaking English, then no one can stop us from becoming fluent English speakers.

1. Practice speaking as much as you can

We can achieve anything with practice. We don’t even know where we stand until we start to do something, so my friends, please start speaking English without thinking anything; by doing this, it will be clear to us that what is it that we have trouble speaking in English Ok, and when we come to know about our problems then we can fix them.
And to fix the problems, we have put more emphasis on speaking English.

For example, You like maths very much; you want to become a master in maths. And you have everything like a maths book, notebook, geometry box, etc. 

And you also know where to use a compass, where to use a ruler and how to use a protractor (these are the tools of geometry), but you won’t become a good mathematician knowing all this until you start regularly practising by doing all these so that you can gradually improve day by day. 
The same goes for English Speaking.

2. Treat English as a Skill, not as a subject

But we do exactly the opposite; we treat English as a subject, due to our mistakes, we understand English. But we are not able to speak well.
One reason for this is that we pay more attention to reading, learning & writing than speaking.
We have always been taught English as a subject in schools, Colleges, or English Institutions.
In school colleges and English Institutions, we are always engaged in studying. Such as understanding grammar rules learning vocabulary, and solving grammar exercises and tests.

“But we never used what we learned.”

Pause and start thinking for a while, it’s a very small and deeper point, but it has a lot of effect on our Speaking English.

3. Make English a part of your daily conversation

Once you start speaking English in your normal daily routine, you will start seeing results. 

You must be thinking that grammar rules are not learned, and my vocabulary is also not good, so, how to start speaking.

So stop thinking like this. It is a very common thing to happen with everyone.

Just focus on one thing that is “Speaking, Speaking, Speaking.”

Don’t be afraid of mistakes because we learn from mistakes.

“Speaking is more important than Perfection.”

Always keep your confidence level high, believe in yourself, and have faith in yourself, then get to your destination.

“No one is perfect, neither you nor me; we become perfect by our own mistake.”

If you want to be a perfectionist in speaking English, forget everything and start speaking today.

The day will surely come when you will become a terrific fluent English speaker.

CONCLUSION The whole article is just trying to explain this to you. There is only one best way to improve speaking skills by “Speaking more and more………..!”
English is a skill, and it takes a lot of practice to learn the Skill.

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