10 reasons why you should learn English

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We all know learning English is important. But, have you ever thought about why it is so? If you are working hard to speak or write in English, it makes sense to ask the above question. English is the most important language these days, and learning it can benefit you in many ways. so, learn English with top 10 reasons given below.

English is that magical language that can help you unleash your true potential. Read on to find out why English is so important in your life.

Top 10 reasons why you need to learn English

1. English is an easy language

No matter how difficult it might seem at the beginning, English is an easy language. As compared to Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, or Urdu, English is the easiest language for beginners. There are plenty of resources available online that will help you learn the language.

2. It will give you more job opportunities

You can find plenty of job opportunities if you learn English. Every resume requires you to fill out the details in English. If you don’t learn English, you will struggle to find out what to write while applying for jobs. With a stronghold in English, you can even apply for jobs abroad.

3. English will help you with higher education

It is difficult to find colleges for higher education that teach in a language other than English. So, if you are planning to complete your higher education, you must learn English. All the exams for higher degrees are in English. Moreover, learning English can help you write compelling essays for application to universities.

4. You can travel abroad

Travelling abroad is a thrilling dream for many people. But, if you don’t know how to speak or read English, you will face many problems. If you have plans of travelling abroad, learning English should be your first step. It will help you prevent communication problems when you travel abroad.

10 reasons you should learn english

5. It is a universal language

English is the most-spoken language in the world. Everyone around you is speaking or writing in English. In that case, if you don’t learn English, you will be left behind. As the world is progressing towards the unification of language and culture, you need to make the most out of it.

6. Most educational books are in English

Translations for scientific and research books are rarely available. All the books are in English. So, learning English will help you read better. Thus, it will open up your prospects as you will find plenty of books to read form.

7. It will build your confidence

If someone around you speaks in English, you often feel shy. So, learning English can remove that shyness and help you become more confident.

8. It will help you during interviews

Major corporations in India and abroad conduct their interviews in English. Your English-speaking skills can help you get more job opportunities.

9. You can understand the culture of other countries better

Every Non-English-speaking country has English as their second language. So, all their books on culture and history are easily available in English. Thus, you can learn a lot about the culture of other countries if you learn to read and speak proper English.

10. You can meet and talk to new people

Learning English will remove the limitations of language. So, you will be able to talk to everyone across the globe. As it is a universal language, you can meet new people and make new friends.

In conclusion, English is fast emerging as the global language for every purpose. Learning English will help you stay ahead in the competition and build a good career.

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