Sentences 471 to 480

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Jab pahunchna tab message kar dena.
Text me when you reach.

Kya tumhe meri yaad aati hai?
Do you miss me?

Ro mat warna make-up bah jaayega.
Don’t cry or your make-up will run.

Agar thake ho to tek laga kar baith jaao.
If you are tired, sit against the wall.

Lekin tumhare saath thoda sa kha lungi.
But I’ll have a little bit with you.

Mujhe is baare me soch- vichaar krna hoga.
I’ll have to have a think about it.

Chhoti chhoti baat par naraaz nhi hote.
Don’t get upset over little things.

Tumhari tarah faaltu ki chatting nhi kar rha hai.
He isn’t chatting unnecessarily like you.

Maine kuch nahi kiya, kasam se.
I didn’t do anything, I swear.

Aap yeh har waqt kya bolte rehte hai?
What are you always on about?

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