Sentences 91 to 100

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Rahul mere boss ke kaan bharta hai.
Rahul poisons my boss’ mind against me.

Wo apni neend puri kar raha hai.
He is catching up on his sleep.

Yahan par mahaul bahot garam hai.
Here, the situation is pretty heated up.

Mere jeete-jee aisa kabhi nahi hoga.
It will never ever happen during my life time.

Meri awaaz nahi nikal rahi thi.
My voice was choked.

Tum itni laaparvah kaise ho gayi?
How have you turned out to be so irresponsible?

Agle do din mai chhutti par hu.
I am off for the next two days.

Dekho tum jo bhi ho, bas yaha se chale jaao.
See, whoever you are, just go away from here.

Bhoot jaisy koi cheez nahi hoti.
There is no such things as ghosts.

Usne apna man bana liya hai.
He has made up his mind.

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