Why Do I Feel Like I Can’t Learn Languages?

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There are disappointments in everybody’s life. It can be a disappointment of failing or not being able to learn, not being able to perform well in the call, being fired from the job, or disappointment of not giving your best. due to these things, we feel like can’t learn English

Sometimes the frustrations are just thoughts that just flew in our minds. and we feel like can’t learn English, start Even though there is nothing to ponder about but our spirit keeps thinking about the things that aren’t there.

For instance, you might get disappointed on the first day of your class, assuming that you might not be able to learn something. But it is not what it looks like. Nobody can have perfection on the first day. It is just our brain which tries to disappoint us.

The same thought might come into your mind when learning a language. There might be various reasons why a person feels like they are not able to learn a language, and we will be discussing some of them.

Not in a suitable environment

One of the reasons a person is not able to learn a language is because they are not in an appropriate environment. Now what I meant by an appropriate environment is that you require a group of people whom you can talk to in the language you are learning.

Now suppose you are learning English, then most of your family members might not be able to converse with you in English. To learn a language, you need an environment where everyone speaks the language you are learning.

It is one of the reasons why one can feel like not learning the language. It is the same as ‘A person who cannot be a CEO until and unless he/she spends time with a CEO.’

Having negative friends

Well, I am not saying that all your friends are negative and all of them disappoint you. But I meant to say that there might be some in your friend circle who might disappoint you at times.

Some people would laugh at you at some point in life when you try to do something which they can’t do, and they might try to disappoint you. Sometimes some words said by your friend can disappoint you.

You lack within

Well, the world can’t stop you from having something if you are firm in your decision to have it. But if you are not determined, then you might never get it. The same is with learning a language.

Learning languages require a lot of practice and hard work, and if you cannot give yourself the best, then you won’t be able to learn it. No matter if your friends try to disappoint you or if you are not in a suitable environment, but if you are firm in your decision to learn a language, then you will learn it.

Not having an appropriate environment, and having negative friends who disappoint you, both are secondary reasons to stop you from learning the language. But what stops you is your inner self. If you are not trying your best to learn something, then you might never be able to learn it. 

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