Learn Spoken English | Introduction

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It’s true that learning a new language or learns spoken English is not that easy but on the same hand, it is also true that nothing is easy and to learn or do something new you need to work hard and give a lot of time and once a person takes it seriously as a goal than he/she can surely can achieve anything, can also become a native English speaker within 3 months. Though it will need continuous learning for years as the more you practice and learn the better you will start speaking.

The English Lover’s have found Mantras so as to help you become a native English speaker and learn speaking English in three parts:

  1. Improving your spoken English.
  2. Improving your writing, reading & listening skills.
  3. Committing to your new language.

Part I – Improving your Spoken English.

  • Speak a little English every day. Before speaking you need to start reading and thinking in English.
  • Work on your pronunciation about how to speak words correctly.
  • Expand your vocabulary & use idiomatic phrases.
  • Attend an English class, discussion group or online social English learners group.
  • Carry a dictionary.
  • Learn Daily use English Sentences.

Part II – Improving your writing, reading & listening skills.

  • Listen to English radio, podcasts or Online English lectures.
  • Watch English movies and TV shows.
  • Read an English book, newspaper and magazine.
  • Keep a diary in English.
  • Find and English speaking pen-pal.

Part 3 – Committing to your new Language.

  • Stay motivated.
  • Practice every day.
  • Train yourself to think in English.
  • Make friends with English speakers.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

These are the three mantras if you follow on every day basis than incoming 3-4 months you will be able to see the changes in yourself and once you will get that confidence in you that yes, you can speak good English and that will be the day when you will become a native English speaker.

In upcoming chapters we will be covering the first part about improving your spoken English. In the upcoming chapters, you will learn about the introductory dialogues about how you should greet someone English and How to introduce yourself and your programme.

Read all the free chapters available and note down the words or anything you did not understood and search on your dictionary and also you can ask in comments.

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  1. I want to speak fluent english
    Bt in some cases i fails to deliver the wrods nd un front of tge team i couldn’t speak it properly

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