Sentences 511 to 520

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Tumhare bina itne din kaise katenge.
How will i spend all these days without you?

Aisa nhi ho sakta.
This can’t happen.

Tumne mujhe andhere me rakha.
You kept me in the dark.

Maine tumhara kya bigada hai.
What wrong have i done to you?

Ham paas paas baithe the.
We were sitting close.

Aap yaha kaise.
What brings you here?

Mujhse panga mat lo.
Don’t mess with me.

Woh khudgarz hai.
He is self obsessed.

Uska bukhaar utar gya.
His fever is abated.

Tum apni baat ke pakke nhi ho.
You are not true to your word.

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