Interjection With Example In Grammar

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Let’s see Interjection with example.
Ouch! Aww! Ah! Shhh Interjections?

As you can see today, we’re going to learn about Interjection with example in English Grammar. Wow! so exciting, right? We’re going to look at how we can use them in sentences or phrases.

An Interjection is a word. Sometime’s it’s a group of words.

So it’s not just one word all the time, sometimes it’s more than one word put together, and these words express emotion, and those emotions can be the joy, it can be sadness, it can be surprised, okay, it can be all kinds of emotion.

Now we understand Interjection with example.

What is an Interjection?

Interjections are words used to express or demonstrate particular emotions or feelings or sentiments. such as,

  • Joy, Yippee!
  • Pain, Ouch!
  • Love, Aww! (It’s really cute)
  • Confusion, Huh!
  • Anger, Argh!
  • Relief, Ah!
  • Tiredness, Whew!
  • Thoughtfulness, hmm!

Interjections may stand alone or form part of the sentence.

For example, Yippee! It’s finally winter! (as you can see here, I’m using Yippee! this Interjection alone, so I’ve to use an exclamation mark, okay)

Yippee, It’s finally winter! (here, Yippee including into the sentence so, this is why I’m using a comma between Interjection and the rest of the sentence)

An exclamation stipulates (indicates) strong emotion. A comma, indicates mild or light emotion.

Interjections often begin sentences, but they may appear in the middle or end as well.

For instance,

  • Oops! I almost slipped!
  • I love summer, but oh my gosh, it’s so hot!
  • I’m just glad that our exams are over, phew!

Interjection for Greetings

It is used in the sentence to specify the emotion of warmth to the person meeting with Hey, Hello, Hi etc.

For instance,

Hey! Nice to see you here at the party.

Hello! I am Bushra.

Interjection for Joy

This type of Interjection is used in the sentence to show immediate joy and happiness on any happy occasion, such as hurrah, wow, hurray etc.

For instance,

Wow! You are looking gorgeous.

Hurray! We successfully won this basketball match.

Interjection for Surprise

In this Interjection, we express a strong sense of surprise about something that has happened: what, hey, ah, oh, eh, etc.

For instance,

What! You failed.

Oh! You complete the work; I can’t believe it.

Ah! I got a new job.

Interjection for Sorrow

It is used in the sentence to express the emotion of sadness about something unfortunate that has happened. Such as, alas, ah, ouch, oh, etc.

For instance,

Alas! She is no more.

Ouch! That’s hurt.

Interjection for Approval

This type of Interjection is used in the sentence to express the strong sense of approval or agreement for something that has happened, such as well done, brilliant, brave etc.

For instance,

Well done! You win the game.

Bravo! The first rank is yours this year.

Interjection for Attention

It is used in the sentence to draw the attention of someone, such as look, listen, behold, hush, etc.

For instance,

Look! You are so arrogant.

Listen! I have never copied you.

Behold! Someone strange is there.

And, now You’re all set and prepared to use Interjections in your English. Hooray!

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