Learn Spoken English – Chapter 4 | Forms of Verbs

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In the previous chapters you have learned about the Subject, Object, and Verb and after completing the given exercises I am sure you must be having an overall idea of what are the uses of subject, object, and verb in making of sentences.

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What are the forms of verbs?

Verb is a word used in a sentence to describe action, state or occurrence and form a pain part of senetnces.

1. Verb has three forms:

Present Tense

Past Tense

Past Participle

  1. Present Tense: denotes an action that is taking place currently now or regularly.
  2. Past  Tense: denotes an action that is completed just now in the immediate past.
  3. Past Participle: denotes an action that is completed in the distant past. It is usually used after has/have/had

Examples: GO

  • I go to school every day.
  • They went to school yesterday.
  • We have gone to school this morning.
  • He had gone to school last month.
  • She has gone to school this morning.

Examples: COME

  • I come to church every Sunday.
  • They came church yesterday.
  • We have come to church this morning.
  • He had come to church last month.
  • She has come to church in the morning.

Examples: EAT

  • I eat rice every morning.
  • They ate rice this morning.
  • We have eaten rice this afternoon.
  • He had eaten rice last week.
  • She has eaten rice in the morning.

2. Regular and Irregular Verbs

What is regular verb?

The regular verbs are those verbs having a regular pattern. ‘ed’ is added to the present tense for past tense and past participle.

Examples: Work (Present Tense) worked ( Past Tense) worked (Past Participle)

Present TensePast TensePast Participle
Look LookedLooked

What is irregular verb?

The irregular verbs are those having an irregular pattern. There is no common rule for changing  them into past tense and past participle.

Examples: Sing (Present Tense)  Sang (Past Tense)      Sung (Past Participle)



Present tense                        Past Tense                          Past Participle

Awake                                          awoke                                  awaken

Beat                                               beat                                      beaten

Become                                       became                                  become

Begin                                             began                                   begun

Bite                                                bit                                           bitten

Break                                            broke                                    broken

Blow                                              blew                                      blown

Bring                                              brought                                brought

Build                                              built                                       built

Burn                                              burnt                                     burnt

Buy                                                bought                                 bought

Catch                                             caught                                  caught

Come                                            came                                     come

Cut                                                 cut                                          cut

Do                                                  did                                          done

Draw                                             drew                                     drawn

Dream                                          dreamt                                 dreamt

Drink                                             drank                                    drunk

Eat                                                  ate                                         eaten

Fall                                                 fell                                          fallen

Fight                                              fought                                  fought

Fly                                                  flew                                       flown

Forget                                           forgot                                   forgotten

Get                                                got                                         got

Give                                              gave                                      given

Go                                                  went                                     gone

Grow                                             grew                                      grown

Hear                                              heard                                    heard

Hold                                               held                                       held

Kneel                                            knelt                                      knelt

Know                                            knew                                     known

Lead                                              led                                          led

Leave                                            left                                         left

Lie                                                  lay                                          lay

Light                                              lit                                            lit

Lose                                               lost                                         lost

Make                                            made                                    made

Meal                                              meant                                   meant

Meet                                             met                                        met

Put                                                 put                                         put

Read                                              read                                       read

Ring                                               rang                                       rung

Rise                                                rose                                       risen

Run                                                ran                                         run

Say                                                 said                                        said

See                                                 saw                                        seen

Sell                                                 sold                                        sold

Send                                              sent                                       sent

Shake                                            shook                                    shaken

Sing                                                sang                                       song

Sit                                                   sat                                          sat

Sleep                                             slept                                      slept

Speak                                            spoke                                    spoken

Spit                                                spat                                       spat

Stand                                            stood                                    stood

Steal                                              stole                                      stolen

Sweep                                          swept                                   swept

Swim                                             swam                                    swum

Take                                              took                                       taken

Teach                                            taught                                   taught

Tell                                                 told                                        told

Think                                             thought                                thought

Throw                                           threw                                    thrown

Understand                                 understood                        understood

Wear                                             wore                                     worn

Weep                                            wept                                     wept

Win                                               won                                       won

Write                                            wrote                                    written


Present tense                        Past Tense                          Past Participle

Act                                                 acted                                     acted

Add                                                added                                   added

Answer                                        answered                            answered

Arrest                                           arrested                               arrested

Ask                                                 asked                                    asked

Attend                                          attended                             attended

Bathe                                            bathed                                 bathed

Brush                                            brushed                               brushed

Carry                                             carried                                  carried

Close                                             closed                                   closed

Comb                                            combed                               combed

Cook                                              cooked                                 cooked

Cry                                                 cried                                      cried

Dance                                           danced                                 danced

Defeat                                          defeated                             defeated

Die                                                 died                                       died

Divide                                           divided                                 divided

Fail                                                 failed                                     failed

Fast                                                fasted                                   fasted

Fill                                                   filled                                      filled

Present Tense                           Past Tense                          Past Participle

Fold                                               folded                                   folded

Fry                                                  fried                                      fried

Hate                                              hated                                   hated

Heat                                              heated                                 heated

Hire                                                hired                                   hired

Iron                                                ironed                                 ironed

Jump                                             jumped                                jumped

Like                                                liked                                    liked

Listen                                            listened                                listened

Look                                              looked                                  looked

Love                                              loved                                     loved

Multiply                                       multiplied                            multiplied

Open                                             opened                                  opened

Pack                                               packed                                 packed

Play                                                played                                  played

Pray                                               prayed                                  prayed

Print                                              printed                                 printed

Protect                                         protected                            protected

Quarrel                                         quarreled                            quarreled

Question                                     questioned                         questioned

Rain                                               rained                                   rained

Reduce                                         reduced                               reduced

Remember                                 remembered                     remembered

Rent                                              rented                                  rented

Rub                                               rubbed                                 rubbed

Save                                              saved                                    saved

Share                                            shared                                  shared

Shout                                            shouted                               shouted

Show                                             showed                               showed

Study                                            studied                                 studied

Translate                                     translated                           translated

Try                                                  tried                                   tried

Type                                              typed                                   typed

View                                              viewed                                viewed

Visit                                               visited                                 visited

Walk                                              walked                                walked

Watch                                           watched                              watched

Wipe                                             wiped                                   wiped

Work                                             work                                      work

We are extremely happy to see that our hard word is paying off as the wonderful people like you are loving our work work and trying to learn and take out most out of it.

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In the upcoming chapters we will be learning about Auxiliaries. About what is auxiliaries and what role it place in framing of sentences.

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