Story of Father and his Son.

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One day, a rich dad took his son on a trip to a village.
He wanted to show him how poor someone can be.
They spent time on the farm of a poor family.
On their return from the trip, the father asked his son,
“How was the trip?”
“It was great, Dad.”
“Did you see how poor people live?”
the father asked.
“Oh yes”, said the son.
“So, tell me, what did you learn from the trip” asked the father.
The son answered: “We have one dog, they have four, we have a pool, they have rivers, 
we have tube light at night, they have stars. We buy foods, they grow theirs, we have walls to protect us, they have friends. We have T.V. and they spent time with their family.”
The boy’s father was speechless.
Then his son added:
“Thanks, Dad for showing me how poor we are.”

Moral of the story
It is not about money that makes us rich, its simplicity, love, compassion, friendship, values, family, that makes our lives rich.

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  1. Really Fri,their is the best motivational story of useful our live An life because We do not give time to the family only when they are busy in their technology and they do not give time to the family.

  2. Thank you sir you are such a inspiration for me i cant even tell you how m i poor in english but after follow your page i can see my growth graph

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