Manners – An Important aspect of Communication

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Good manners are beneficial for making life pleasant for you and the people around you. Good manners can help you build a successful career, get into the right school, and get your dream job. In addition, you can use your good manners to make connections with people. It also shows your consideration and thoughtfulness towards people.

Basic Manners

You can use these terms to show your thoughtfulness and good manners to the people around you, For instance:

  • You should use “Please” and “Kindly” while asking someone for a favor. 
  • If you receive something, you should always use “Thanks” or “Thank you.” 
  • You can use the phrases “You’re Welcome,” “My pleasure,” “Mention not,” “It’s alright,” and “It’s okay” as a response for thank you, our thanks. 
  • If you are talking to someone in person or on call and you are unable to hear something clearly, you can use the terms “I beg your pardon,” “I didn’t get it,” “Excuse me,” “I am sorry,” “can you please repeat, I couldn’t understand,” and so on. 
  • Suppose you are clearing the path for an elderly person. You can use the phrase “After you.” It will help you to show your politeness and good manners. In addition, it displays your respect for the other person. 
  • When someone asks you a question, answering it back is normal. However, it is more polite to reply with a question to continue the conversation. For instance, if someone asks you, “How are you?” instead of responding with “I’m fine,” you can use the term “I’m fine. What about you?”. Also, you can use other phrases like “Fine and you?” “Good, what about you?” and so on. 
  • In case you want to say something in between an on-going lecture or while someone’s talking, you can say, “Sorry to interrupt.” 

You will receive respect from people if you are well-mannered and polite. In addition, you should always think before you speak. You should always make use of polite words to show your respect to others. You will be able to get better ideas if you continue practicing each day. 

Final Words

Good manners will help you to achieve success faster and to build your character. You will be able to receive kindness and get respected if you are well-mannered. 

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